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What are triggers?

Trigers is specific keywords used to trigger specific message to be sent

for example if someone just messaged you “Hi or hello” you can send back a message “Hi how are you?”

there are two types of triggers ‘Exact’ and ‘Regular Expression’
Exact means the exact keyword/trigger must be in the message,
for example if message recievied contans the text “Whats your opening hours?” in order the ‘Exact’ triggrer to work it must be “opening”

in case of ‘Regular Expression’ trigger it can be “open” and will be triggered
if message is “Whats your opening hours?” and “when you are open“?

it might look like ‘Regular Expression’ is easier to work with but you should take in considiration that too short keywords might be triggered by irrelavant messages,
for example ‘Regular Expression’ keyword “hi” can be triggered if message contains the word “high”