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Fun things you can do with Smart Auto Reply

By creating smart auto replies you can save tons of time waisted for chatting or providing simple information to friends and customers.

let’s start with something simple, go into “Smart Auto Reply” section

Name your first auto reply “first” 

And type the following triggers
Hi, hello, hey

And type the reply message

“Hi, how are you?”

You can also use a random reply text using backquotes and pipe separation
Example: {one reply|second reply|another reply}

{Hi| Hey, how are you?| Good day}

Let’s say you on the road all day and constantly getting message like “Are you coming?, When are you coming?” 

you can set an auto reply with “I’m on the way message”

Or if you get messages such as “are you busy?”, “Can you talk?” you can use auto reply such as “In meeting right now, will call you back”

You can also easily configure Wabot smart replies to reply for a question of customers asking to get directions to your business, or send them opening hours.

Create a smart auto reply named “location” with triggers ”located,location,address”

And create the auto reply message with your business location.