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Notifications Webhook with Zapier

Here is how to get notification to your WhatsApp from any web event like contact form or lead form to your WhatsApp using Webhooks and Zapier integration

The following scenario shows an example event of user filled contact form on a website, then using zapier webhook sending the notification of message recieved to the users whatsApp

First Login to Your Zapier account, go to Zaps and click create new Zap
Then select “Webhooks by Zapier” and “Post”

Fill the following form with needed information

URL: https://wabot.app/send
Payload type: form
Phone number: Choose any number where you want to send the message ( we used users phones sent with webhook)
Message: type the message you want to send
Imgurl: you can attach any web by using URL
profile_tokes & acess_token: you can find your token on Notification center in Wabot dashboard

Here is how the notifcation will look on WhatsApp

and here is a preview of full message on WhatsApp